Aluminum Egg Poacher

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Aluminum Egg Poacher

Aluminium Egg Poacher, a hospitality industry favourite.

KH Aluminium Egg cooker meets the rigorous use within a commercial kitchen.

Look no further than our quality easy egg cooker. Firstly, in places like kitchens, restaurants and bakeries. Suitable for gas, electric and open fire cooking.

Made of aluminum, this easy egg cooker provides excellent heat transfer for faster heat up and cooking. When you are preparing multiple servings of eggs benedict or any recipe that requires poached eggs.

Firstly, all of our aluminium cookware meet commercial cooking demand. You’ll be thankful for this egg poacher! It provides a simple, easy-to-use, mess-free way to cook up to 12 or 24 eggs at once.

Secondly, our egg poacher is proudly manufactured by Australian brand (KH) Ken Hands.

In contrast to traditional poaching methods, this item uses small individual cups that have handles for easy service.

Our commercial poacher comes in 12 or 20 cup. A handy item to achieve perfectly cooked eggs. When you need to lift and carry this pan, the side handles provide a convenient, stable grip.

Above all, the quality aluminium cookware will not let you down!

Cleaning the poacher is easy, hand wash recommended.

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