Flatware cutlery includes eating and serving utensils, such as forks, knives and spoons, that are used at the table, rather than kitchen tools used in back-of-house. Our stainless steel commercial flatware sets are both stylish and durable. No matter which flatware pattern is best for your restaurant, our wide selection and low prices will get you the wholesale flatware you need without breaking the bank.

Flatware weights include medium- and heavy-weight (18/0), and extra heavy-weight (18/8 and 18/10).

Choosing the best flatware depends on your budget and how casual or upscale your eatery may be. The best options are medium-weight flatware for the lowest prices, heavy-weight for a sturdier feel and mid-range price point, and extra heavy-weight flatware for the most durable, and upscale option. Shop our individual forks, knives and spoons if you are looking for specialty utensils like bouillon spoons, salad forks, grapefruit spoons, oyster forks, parfait spoons, nut crackers or steak knives.