Glassware & Stemware

If you operate a restaurant, bar, or pub, it’s important to have wholesale glassware that not only complements your establishment’s decor, but also accommodates the drinks on your menu. When you browse our selection of restaurant glassware, you’ll find glasses to serve anything from beer and wine to desserts, water, and other non-alcoholic beverages.

To serve your craft beers on tap, be sure to browse our Sheffield glassware range that’s specially designed for IPAs, stouts, porters, pale ales, and ciders. All Sheffield glasses are weights and measures approved to insure you obey safe serving legislation.

You’ll also love our selection of glasses that will elegantly present white, red, and sparkling wines. Don’t forget to stock up on the proper cocktail glasses to serve mimosas, martinis, margaritas, and cosmos, as well.

You will want to have restaurant glassware for your non-alcoholic drinks, too. We offer glasses for juice, water, iced tea, and cappuccinos.